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Boat Trailers

Wide range to suit 3m to 7.5m boats

Highfield alloy RIBs

Internationally acclaimed superior alloy RIBs from 2.4m to 5.9m Available through nationwide dealers

Yachtmaster series

2.3m - 2.9m, V-shaped air floor, easy assemble and ultra light

Beachmaster series

2.3m - 4.2m, inflatable keel, foldable with firm flat non-skid floor

Reefmaster series

2.3m - 3.2m, marine alloy hulls- no secondary floor

Oceanmaster series

3.5m - 3.8m, alloy hull and secondary flat alloy floor

Sportmaster series

3.4m - 7.3m, GRP RIB with steering consoles, seating etc

Outboard motors

Aakron outboards 2.5hp to 15hp + Mercury from 3.3hp


Covers, footpumps, paddles and other accessories


For boats, motor-homes, the bach, a back-up for the house or for farmers and contractors

About Aakron Boats

Aakron Inflatable Boats is based in NZ with distribution throughout NZ, Australia. It is owned by the Darroch family, one of the oldest boatbuilding families in New Zealand with a history going back to the arrival of the forebears in 1842. Our tradition has always been one of good honest value for money.

 We won't spend a lot on fancy marketing or glossy presentations. We put value were it counts, in the end product.

We have very carefully selected only the best marine grade materials, reliable and conscientious suppliers from around the world and only employ top-class tradesmen for construction and assembly work.

  • Only heavy weight polymer/terylene composite fabrics especially produced for the inflatable boat market are used to construct the pontoons
  • Our alloy hulls are marine grade 3mm thick then epoxy coated and we pay meticulous attention to details like having a raised bow so you wont get wet punching into a chop
  • We fit extra towing rings so you will never have to worry about your towed boat flipping over in strong winds
  • We fit extra wear protection to the sides and underneath the pontoons
  • And finally we fit a bow roller and rope protection so you can anchor and retrieve with ease

This is why all our boats come with a 5 year written warranty AND a 10 day approval period with 100% money back if your purchase fails to meet your expectations on receipt. Shipping and handling not included.

We hope to receive your business and will work our butt off to ensure your complete satisfaction!

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