BeachMaster Inflatables: Inflatable keel, foldable with firm, flat non-skid alloy floor

The BeachMaster is ideal for owners wanting an incredibly stable tender that can also be used for fishing or diving by virtue of its flat rigid floor. Larger models are great as family fun boats and can even be used for water skiing while still being able to fit into the car or ute. The BeachMaster is a premium inflatable boat with a quality alloy floor and an inflatable “V” keel for better rowing, towing and motoring. This model is fully featured with everything one could want including a curved upturned bow which not only looks great, but rises over sea chop rather than splashing through it. The BeachMaster is fully foldable making it easy to stow.
  • Includes: Oars, seat, foot-pump, repair kit and carry bag